Business Transition Planning

All business owners realize they will eventually transition the leadership of their business, but they don’t know what to expect or how to prepare. They are faced with tough decisions such as whether their management team, family members, an ESOP or a sale to a third party will produce the best outcome. Our Business Exit Planning process provides education and advice on the following key issues every business owner eventually faces:

  • Decide how to exit, who will help and what needs to be done before the process begins
  • Protect the interests of your family, your business and your ownership
  • Grow your retirement assets and the enterprise value of the business
  • Prepare the management team and the company for the transition
  • Plan the income and estate tax impact of the exit

We typically start working with businesses three to five years before a planned transition because many of the significant parts of the process need time to materialize. Through modeling, our clients are able to pre-experience the results of their plan giving them confidence in their decision to exit the business and align their personal wealth goals with the goals of the business. Please click here to view our Business Exit Planning webinar.

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