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Individual Life Insurance:
A Tool for Affluent Families
to Plan

An integral part of any financial planning process includes the evaluation of life insurance needs and the best manner to affect the long-term goals of the family while simultaneously focusing on preserving assets and minimizing possible tax liability. Not only is a strong plan necessary but so is flexibility for that plan to evolve as family situations evolve.

MBL Advisors are experts at this kind of planning. Our Medical Auction Process (MAPSM) is designed to help you navigate a complex array of insurance product choices to match the most suitable fit from the Product Study with the best underwriting offer. MBL Advisors to make sure you understand our recommendations and participate fully in the decision-making process.

We will also work with your other trusted professional advisors to assure they are a part of the process and the plan as well. We coordinate one team on your behalf.

Product Study

We create a cost effective program that avoids unintended gaps or overlapping coverage. Through our partnership with M Financial Group, we have access to a portfolio of proprietary products designed and priced specifically for the affluent corporate or private client.

Plan Administration

Our job does not end with implementation of your strategic plan. Your plan will be monitored by a dedicated Plan Administrator that will serve as your hands-on expert to keep your plan on track, using tools which include an administration manual, annual reviews, customized reporting, ongoing trust management, with periodic reviews and adjustments as your situation changes.


We listen. Listening is the key ingredient to understanding our client’s current situation. As part of a family business, MBL Advisors provides our clients with peace of mind that their family, property and possessions are protected. We partner with the client and their outside advisors to evaluate our client’s particular needs, assess their current insurance portfolio and prioritize their goals and objectives.


We coordinate all the moving pieces related to the care and protection of our clients’ assets through document plan completion, establishing an administrative platform and communicating the plan through in-person meetings, webinars, email, our customized web portal or voice response system.

MAPSM – Medical Auction Process

We have developed a proprietary process to minimize the hassle factor that is often associated with insurance underwriting and to create a high level of competition among the carriers based on actual client data. On a confidential basis, we submit our client’s medical information to the top rated carriers from the policy analysis. We match the top medical offer with the top insurance product from the Product Study to obtain the most suitable insurance policy to meet our client’s needs.

Strategic Design

Based on the goals and objectives established through discovery, we create a compensation and benefits philosophy as well as determine the appropriate amount and type of coverage along with an ownership structure. From there, we align a long-term strategic plan to implement this philosophy and execute any necessary changes.

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