Life Insurance Placement:
The MBL Advisors MAPTM Process

We know that providing confidential personal information for the placement of life insurance is an act of trust that you place in us. We treat your personal information with the utmost privacy and handle the application process in a completely confidential manner.

We have developed a proprietary Medical Auction Process (MAPTM) to minimize the hassle factor that is often associated with insurance underwriting and to create a high level of competition among the carriers based on actual client data. We submit the underwriting information to the leading carriers from the Product Study. An Auction style process allows us to maximize the underwriting offers for the most suitable product(s) from the Product Study.

Through our relationship with the M Financial Group, a number of carriers have reduced or simplified the usual medical requirements. Please contact us to learn more about the MAPTM process and some of the unique underwriting advantages currently available.

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