Dividend Interest Rates White Paper

Near the end of each calendar year, mutual insurance companies declare their dividend interest rates on participating whole life (WL) insurance policies for the following year. Below are the 2015 declared dividend interest rates (DIR) of the four largest issuers of participating WL policies, as taken from the carriers’ own publicized dividend announcements:

  • Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America 6.05% (down from 6.25% in 2014)
  • Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. 7.10%
  • New York Life Insurance Co. 6.20% (up from 6.00% in 2014)
  • Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. 5.60%

This M Intelligence piece provides information on the elements that drive changes in DIRs—as supported by historical DIR results, insurance company asset allocations, and investment returns—for the four major mutual life insurance companies.