If you think every financial advisory firm looks the same, look again. At MBL Advisors our thought leadership in a number of interrelated niche areas creates a meaningfully different level of expertise. That expertise shapes the client experience based on the following:

Innovation – Our innovative business processes have evolved through significant long term client interaction.  The processes provide consistent delivery of a high quality client experience and a platform for continual improvement.  Examples include proprietary intellectual capital like SMILE ™, MAP ™ (Medical Auction Process), ZIPIssue™and the life insurance portfolio review process that we have developed.

Wealth Management – As part of a family office we understand the financial complexities involved for every generation of planning from early and mid-career high income professionals to the family patriarch.  We have had the privilege of working with some of the most affluent families in the South and along the East Coast of the U.S.

Compensation Advisory – As a leader in the design, implementation and administration of executive benefit plans we currently serve three Fortune 100 clients. Our experience and resources are available to help middle market privately held businesses align their strategic plan with their long term executive compensation plan through our SMILE™ (Strategic Management Incentives for Long-term Employees) process.

Business Exit Planning – The Principals of the firm have firsthand experience buying and selling a business to a Fortune 500 company in addition to our interests in M&A Advisory firm and a private equity firm. We understand how long term value is created and realized in privately held businesses. We can advise on the steps necessary to prepare for a successful business transition or exit.

National Resources – Our affiliation with the M Financial Group provides a suite of resources, ideas, and solutions typically only available to large national firms.