Efficient Wealth Transfers for Consideration

30,000’ Level: Taxes, Broadly

Our clients ask us a lot about how they can be tax efficient.  That can mean a lot of different things, of course, because there are many forms of taxes.  They could be thinking about property taxes, sales taxes, income and capital gains taxes, or wealth transfer taxes (taxes on wealth that is transferred from one person to another).  And within these types of taxes, there are also levels of tax – local, state, and federal taxes to boot!

Investment Strategy Outlook – Summer 2019

Early this year former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and past Chairwoman Janet Yellen spoke to a group of economists in Atlanta. At one point the following exchange occurred between them: Dr. Yellen said, “I don’t think expansions just die of old age,” to which Dr. Bernanke replied, “I like to say they get murdered.”

Investment Strategy Outlook – 2019

Another year is in the history books and as is often the case, global equity markets behaved in a manner most investors were not expecting. U.S. large cap stocks booked their first negative year in a decade and only their second negative year since 2003. U.S. small cap equities and non‐U.S. equities underperformed U.S. large cap equities; bonds were flat to negative; and hedge funds had a difficult year again. Ned Davis Research found that 2018 was the first year since at least 1972 in which no major public asset class returned at least 5%.